Saturday, May 20, 2006

Terrifying Analogy

I woke up much earlier than usual this morning and had nothing to do (besides the housework that I've been procrastinating on), so I bumbled around the internet for a while. I ended up landing on some of the blog archives of my friend Mark's website, Curious Character. He always has some interesting stories and pearls of wisdom floating around in his blog posts, but this one caught my attention today. Here is a very quotable quote from that particular post:

“What scares me about George Bush is that he is America’s abusive husband. He cuts her off from all her friends; takes her money, her civil liberties, her confidence in herself; convinces her that she’d be nothing without him when the truth is that he’d be nothing without her; maintains psychological control over her through terror and psychosis. And everyone from the outside keeps asking WHY doesn’t she leave him? The guy’s SOOOOO wrong for her. And yet they know she will never willingly go, so they just hope she can survive the abuse until he leaves her.”

Oh my. I can't imagine a more succinct and appropriate way of putting it.

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CrackerLilo said...

Oh, WOW. So scary, it's good, so good, it's scary!

By the way, I was thinking there'd be a GWB joke sparked by the "humans and chimps interbreeding" link in my blog. Yours was good too, though! :)