Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Arrowhead Hike

I hiked up Mt. Arrowhead right after work today to catch the sunset. It was beautiful as usual and I got some nice pics along the way. I took the same trail that I took with a friend a couple weeks ago and there was a huge difference between then and now. Last time, everything was dry and still very dead looking. With the recent moisture we've had, all of Creation seems to be exploding out of the ground and erupting out of the trees. Ahhh... total Zen.

Trout Lily (aka Dogtooth Violet), Erythronium Americanum

Bluets, Houstonia Caerulea

The woods on the lower part of the trail, sun starting to set.

View of Claremont from atop Mt. Arrowhead.

Mt. Ascutney (in Vermont just across the Connecticut River from Claremont) at sunset.

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Suzanne said...

Oooh. Pretty! Love New England!