Friday, May 19, 2006

Don't Let The Rain Come Down...

Oooooh noooo don't let the rain come down. Don't let the rain come down... My roof's got a hole in it and I might drown. Oh yes my roof's got a hole in it and I... might... drown.

Except for the hole in the roof part, those lyrics seem fairly appropriate right now. It has been raining here for almost 2 weeks straight and the corn field behind my house became a lake for a while when the river overflowed and cut across it. I was joking with some of my coworkers that it suddenly made my rent seem far more reasonable now that my apartment is on waterfront property. I also wanted to borrow a kayak to go out and paddle around the field just so I could see people's reactions when I tell them that I went boating in a cornfield. The water has gone back down now and I feel bad for the farmer who owns the field. He just barely plowed the soil and now the river seems to have washed away a good third of it. This happened to him last year too on a bit of a smaller scale. I know it must cost a lot to replace hundreds (or maybe thousands) of cubic yards of fertile dirt. Fortunately, my place sits about 15-20 feet above the field, so it would have to be a torrential downpour for 2-3 weeks straight in order to threaten my living area.

I went out on another long exploratory hike today with my new buddy Don in the pouring rain. It's nice to have met someone who is also insane enough to hike under these conditions. We had some very good conversation and covered a lot of woods over the course of two and a half hours. Red efts were walking all over the trail, presumably looking for food and attempting to escape drowning. I tried to keep my eyes on the ground and walk mindfully in order to avoid stepping on any of them. We took in a lot of beautiful scenery but it was raining so hard that I didn't dare to remove my camera from the safety of the plastic bag it was in. By the time we got back, our shoes felt like they were holding more water in than what they were keeping out and we were soaked to the bone. Despite all this, I am glad I went. I've been bouncing off the walls for the last couple weeks because I HATE the limitations of this constant downpour. Time to start ignoring it and get on with doing what I love :)

In my true anally retentive, control freak form, I've gone and alphabetically organized all of the links in the LINKS column on the right. I just wish that this attention to detail and organization carried over into my physical world. Then again, life is short. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it so much. :)

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