Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Children (and Foster Children)

Tika (aka: Teekee-boo, shut up & don't laugh :), part Seal-point Siamese, & part ??? Loves: batting around toilet paper tubes; tripping daddy on his way to the bathroom in the middle of the night; and being a crybaby when she is not getting enough attention. Adopted from one of my regular pet store customers who specializes in cat rescue. This one is my favorite (but sssshhhhhh, don't tell the other one).

Isis (aka: Tank) in her favorite pose. Loves: mauling company for tummy rubs; wrestling with her sister; putting her paws in daddy's mouth while he's sleeping (Gross!!!); and being a generally distracting little prat. Adopted from a nurse who I used to work with at the nursing home. Originally delivered to her house accidentally with a load of wood. Very friendly and a complete attention-freak. Called "Tank" because she moves with all the grace of one.

Puff, the bearded dragon (aka: Madame Leeeeeeeeeeeezard). Loves: vegetables, sunbathing, and looking generally pissy. Very old (9 years, a bit older than the typical life span of a bearded dragon). Before you groan, just be aware that I didn't give her that name, she came with it. She was a mercy adoption from one of my best friends who was going away to college and frantically trying to find a good home for her. I'm not much of a reptile person, but I gotta say that she's extremely low-maintenance and mellow.

Lucy - African Grey Parrot (aka: Brat). Loves: making noise, attention, broccoli, oatmeal, jeering & cat-calling through the open window at passers-by; and having fits of rage when she's not getting enough attention. A relationship leftover who I tacitly accepted into the household because I wanted to make sure she was taken care of. Named after the Peanuts character because she is a domineering, loud-mouth wench. Her specialty is imitating the ring on the telephone so perfectly that she has me answering dial tones. Having her in the house is like taking care of a spoiled, naughty, attention-seeking toddler who never shuts up. I'm really not a bird person, but she has a lot of personality and I do love her. I'm eventually giving her away to a responsible, parrot-loving coworker of mine because she is just so high-maintenance.

I'm telling ya people, I'm just inches away from being one of those insane trailer-dwelling animal collectors who lives in squalor and holds full conversations with inanimate objects. I imagine that social services will need to be called on my behalf some day. HAAAA HAAA HAAAA!!!!


Christine said...

Ha, I feel the same way sometimes and I only have two cats.

I actually just found a "crazy cat lady" action figure the other day. It was awesome.

I love your menagerie.

McPolack said...

I think it's somehow more acceptable for a man to have lots of pets. I was sharing with my family about how much I (perhaps inappropriately) love my little bunny (she's a kitty but I call her bunny) and it was deemed acceptable because I "only own one." She sits on my lap when I am typing and rests her head on my desk and I kiss it over and over again because it makes her happy. and I think I am slightly embarrassed for myself.

nonsequitur said...

Nothing embarassing about that. I totally think it's normal (well, I do it too, so maybe it's not normal, hehe) :-P