Saturday, May 27, 2006

Life Is A Bear, & Other News

The pet store where I work was visited by an unusual customer the other morning... it is rather fortunate that he came by before the store was open (because during warmer days, we prop the front door open for fresh air). Thanks to my father for the newspaper clipping.

In related news, this is an actual photo (taken by my father) of the black bear who frequents my parents' back yard a couple towns over on an almost daily basis. My parents have dubbed him "Bosco" and have taken to feeding him bird-seed out of his very own dish. I am seriously not making this up. Even though he is a black bear, a much smaller species than the one featured recently in the mauling attacks that have made the news, I'm thinking this is probably not a good idea in the long run because it makes these bears very accustomed to human interaction and it can lead to some unpleasant run-ins with non-bear-friendly people.

In unrelated news... Using deductive logic and research methods inspired by Paul Cameron, some of the commenters over at Christine's Blog - Rising Up Whole may have finally discovered a definitive causative factor behind the occurence of homosexuality. As it turns out, it is probably chocolate chips. Who knew!!??? Click HERE to read the amusing comment thread where this brilliant piece of Bush-league study has taken place. Thanks to Christine for the graphic.


McPolack said...

At the risk of sounding like a mean, mean lady I must tell you that it is BAAAAAAAAD to feed bears. It does make them not afraid of humans and unfortunately often leads to them being shot. They should stop feeding that bear immediately.

nonsequitur said...

Oh no, you're not mean at all. I agree with you 100%. Many well-meaning people do things like this without considering what the effect on the animal will be. They think they are doing it a favor by feeding it, when in fact they are creating dependence and diminishing their natural, healthy fear of humans.