Monday, May 01, 2006

Chicago Trip

Well, I just got back from a three day weekend trip with my parents, sister, & grandmother. We flew out to the Chicago area to see my brother and some of the local sights. Let me tell you, they don't call it the "Windy City" for nothing. The wind blew incessantly while we walked the streets and was occasionally so strong that I had to walk at a diagonal pitch to avoid being blown over. The rain was a bit of a bitch, but aside from that the trip was interesting. We went up to the top of the Sears Tower, checked out Navy Pier, and went to an awesome italian eatery called Giordano's. My brother recommended it as a true Chicago pizza experience and I was not disappointed. (More pics of my trip to come. I forgot my camera in the car for a large chunk of the trip so I'm gonna try to bum some of the pics that my dad took).

Although, here is one noteworthy pic....

Bono, lead singer of U2 was at Midway Airport. My sister pointed him out at the center of an attentive crowd down the hall and said that she thought he looked familiar but couldn't place him. After recognizing him, I waited until he was no longer thronged with fans and I went over to ask him if I could take his picture, for which he politely obliged and posed. I was fortunate because within 10 seconds of snapping his photo, he got mobbed with dozens of people clamouring for his autograph and snapping pictures with their camera phones. Poor guy... oh well, I guess that's the price of fame. My dad thinks he was an impersonator. If so, he's got a spot-on act going because he "fooled" most of the people at the airport, including me.

Anywho, I also had some good quality time with my brother. We went out on a bit of a bender the first night and he kicked my ass at the pool table several times, but that's OK because I kicked his ass at darts the next evening ;). I also now have a new standard for what constitutes a good snakebite. I'm not a lush, really :P.

The flight back was pure hell. It was delayed several times and we missed our connecting flight in Baltimore because of this. Then we had to wait for the next connecting flight to Manchester (also repeatedly delayed until 2:45am). Originally we all should have been back home around 7pm-9pm on Sunday evening, but we ended up getting back to my parents' place at 6:30am on Monday morning. I now completely understand the meaning of the term "Red-eyed flight" because some of my coworkers thought I was high when I came to work at noon.

Que sera sera. It's been a long weekend. I'm exhausted and heading to bed early.


cindy said...

Hi! Glad to see your post. I was at Chicago's Midway too. I'm still trying to figure out if that was Bono or an imposter too. I got an autograph for my daughter and am surfing around to see if anything helps verify he was the real deal...I can identify with your flight problems as well - but it gets better. After our delayed takeoff we sucked a bird into our engine, and we were shocked by flames coming out of it. Flew on to Kansas City however, and with a change of planes made it home only 3 1/2 hrs late. Could have been much worse so who's complaining....cmcmahen

nonsequitur said...

Hiya, thanks for your comment. Truth be told, I'd be quite distressed also if I'd seen flames coming out of the engine. If you find out for sure whether or not "Bono" was the real deal, please do let me know.