Thursday, May 11, 2006

I am the walrus. Goo goo g'joob.

OK, so lyrics to one of the Beatles' more inane, obscure songs don't really have much to do with this post, but I couldn't think of a good title. :)

Today was a fun little day off, I went out on a discount store run with my friends (I'll call them Percy and Daniel). There is a nice little assortment of discount food stores running along route 12 from Keene to Claremont. Ever since Percy introduced me to these stores, I've been hooked. One can find unusual health foods and ethnic ingredients for pennies on the dollar; foods that one normally can't find in the stores around here (at least not for a reasonable price).

After the shopping trip I went on one of my aimless exploratory hikes. I explored the base area of Cathole Peak, and it was dark by the time I came back down out of the woods. I think I covered about 5-6 miles, a full third of that being off-trail. I vaguely recognized the area where I came out; a field where I was flower-picking about five years ago. Fortunately, it only rained a little and this was quite the day for viewing wildlife. I had a deer and a wild turkey almost give me a heart attack (bounding & fluttering out of the thicket almost in my face), I think I'm still shaking. Unfortunately, they moved so quickly that I was unable to get pictures of most of them, but I did get a blurred shot of a porcupine climbing a tree. I also saw a coyote. A fruitful hike.... I intend to climb to the top of Cathole Peak on my next full day off.

Wake Robin, Trillium Erectum (aka "Stinkpot" due to their curiously strong stench). These are the first ones I've seen this year.

Very blurred pic of the porcupine climbing the tree.


Mind the Bear said...

I couldn't find an email address for you, so thought I'd leave a note here. Thanks for your recent comment on the comment on an old post of mine. I appreciate your reading all that!

I wrote a response to the anonymous comment, as you may have seen, but your comment was quite succinct and clear.

This is a painful process, but the Truth is the only thing that sets us free.

Cheers, Joe.

nonsequitur said...

Thanks for writing Joe :) I keep my e-mail address well-hidden in many public forums because I HATE the spam that results from e-mail sweepers gaining my address. As I wrote on your blog... I wish you the best of luck. We're all in it together and we're all at some stage of dealing with it.