Saturday, April 01, 2006

Today's Hike, More of The Old Barns

I went on a loo00ong 5 hour hike today up in the woods behind Mt. Arrowhead. Yes, in the rain. No, I'm not insane. Half of my hike was off-trail and it came out at the very dead end of Bible Hill Road, near the Charlestown line. I got to try a new trail that I'd been itching to explore since last year and from what I guess, I think I covered about 12-15 miles. Thankfully, the rain cleared up about an hour into it. I took the camera with me so I could get more photos of the old barns as well as any other curiousity that crossed my path.

The front side of the old red dairy barn which I promised I would get pics of in my previous post, this is the view visible from the main road.

The interior of the old red barn; notice the precariously leaning rotten beams. I was a little worried that the barn would fall in on me while I was in there.

A black & white photo of the front side of the old grey tumbled in barn, pic taken from inside the red barn.

All along the trail, I noticed that the frogs are in the middle of their (very noisy) mating season. I visited several of the vernal pools alongside the path and most of them were full of wiggling, jumping, loudly croaking frogs and their eggs. I have to admit that I enjoy hearing them again, maybe the peepers will be out tonight. It was a beautiful hike, but my legs are very tired. At least I will sleep well tonight.


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