Saturday, April 01, 2006

Today's Hike, Part 2

An interesting little growth of lichens on a rock within a rock wall in the middle of one of the trail-less areas. It caught my eye just as I was stepping over and looking down to avoid tripping

A thorny shrub (grows wild all over here, related to the rose I believe, bears BB-sized red berries) with fresh raindrops still hanging from it. I love how the inverted refraction of the trees in the background appears in the bottom droplets.

A cute little red eft that I saw at the edge of one of the vernal pools.

The tops of some locust bean trees, silhouetted against a dusky grey sky with the moon barely visible through the clouds. I took this pic when it was getting dark, just as I was hiking back into town. The locust bean tree is one of my favorite trees because of the delightfully crooked branches it grows as well as the unusual fern frond-like leaves it develops in the summer.

I went off the trail to do some more in-depth exploring. The woods are filled with atv trails & deer paths. I run into one at least every half mile, so there is very little chance of actually getting lost. I am developing an interest in macro photography, as you will see by the first three photos in this post. I think they came out rather nicely.

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IrishStu said...

ooOOOooooh me likey the pics. You have a good eye for perspective.

What kind of camera you have?