Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Liars

The title of this post might indicate that I am about to make some sort of scathing commentary on a current political development, but no... I was just barely visiting an independent student film site that hosts some of the work of Nicholas Gurewich, creator of Perry Bible Fellowship (a webcomic which I love because of it's eclectic subject matter and twisted, clever humor). I just viewed one of his best films entitled "The Liars". I like it because it is unpretentious, low-budget, and still very well done considering the amount of resources available to aspiring student directors. In addition to all this, it carries a message that more people should be in touch with, and it is (sort of) a silent film... ballsy considering that the genre is almost dead in favor of CGI & overpaid actors who require a steady supply of nose-candy to pony up their over-rated talents. When this guy makes it as a director, I hope he manages to hold onto his Soul.

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