Thursday, April 20, 2006


OK so I could ramble on and on about my pet peeves or shitty life circumstances, but I never focus enough on what I should be thankful for.... things like SPRINGTIME and VIOLETS :D !!! Other things I am thankful for: friends, books, excellent health, family, my cats, a great job with fun coworkers & a nice boss who treats me well, dark chocolate, an active mind, music, a reliable car, lack of debt, a reliable computer, and even the bad times in life because they always teach me something and help me to grow into a better person.

As of lately, I have been trying to see the beauty in everybody and everything. It is really easy to fall into a pattern of negativity when you've been burned a lot, but really... even during the worst of times in life I have still been blessed, whether I knew it or not.


Cuarentayuno said...

Your optimism is what I admire most about you. McPolack and I could use some :)

nonsequitur said...

OPTIMISM???!!! HAHAHA!!! I'm a dreary bitch much of the time :P, but what little optimism I have *breaking off a piece* I'm willing to share. Here ya go-

Anonymous said...

Nice pic and even more admirable sentiment. I'm way up in the north of Canada so I won't be seeing any sort of flowers for at least a few more weeks. Thank you for the breath of fresh air and the reminder that spring isn't far off.