Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I recently showed this photo to a friend and jokingly tried to convince him that it is a fixer-upper home I am thinking of buying.

I spent most of last year hiking around the local woods, exploring new paths, experiencing nature, and escaping life for a while. I saw so many beautiful sights and wildlife that I regretted having only stories to bring back to my friends. I resolved that I would get a digital camera with my next tax return. Now that I have one, I have been snapping photos of my favorite scenery.
A couple of weeks ago, I took one of my long hikes up around the back of Mt. Arrowhead (the mountain overlooking Claremont). The trail traverses many beautiful areas, woodlands interspersed with ponds, streams, open meadows, and old, defunct farmlands.

My chosen terminus for this hike was a leg of the trail that branches back down to the Chestnut St. Extension, roughly a mile outside of the Claremont suburbs. About 50 yards from the road, there are 2 old barns. The one featured in this picture looks to be much older than the one in the background (which is also looking like it will tumble any day now). It was fully erect last year and I had hoped to get pictures of it before it fell in, but I decided that I like the look of this one after years of obvious neglect sealed it's fate. I think there is a subtle, natural beauty about a tumbled-in building that is being reclaimed by the earth. I liken it to the life-cycle of one who has lived a rich, productive existence and has come full circle to their dying day in old age. A little sad, but also serene and beautiful.

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Cuarentayuno said...

If you are serious, I have a portrait of HRM The Princess of Wales for you to hang in the parlour.