Monday, March 27, 2006

First Entry

Hello all. I see the number of blogs on the internet growing at an astronomic pace. I've been procrastinating on starting one of my own because one of my biggest faults is that I tend to take on more projects than I can handle. My life has calmed down and simplified as of lately, thus leaving me time to start and maintain this blog. I'm not sure how many people would actually find my thoughts interesting and if so, what does that say about them? Some would consider me and my life to be boring, but I think it is colorful, creative, calm, stable, and low-drama. Just the way I like it.

I've chatted with quite a few bloggers who liken blogging to some form of therapy, akin to keeping a diary, except that people are free to read this diary at will. Maybe this will be a productive tool for offering up the monsters in my head to everyone else. Haha, I hope they gnaw at your brain >:P ENJOY!!! :)

The space below will simply serve as a cupboard for commonly used images and backgrounds on this blog and they likely won't make a whole lot of sense unless viewed in their proper context, so just ignore them.

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