Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Awwwwww!!! :-D

Today's moment of adorably cutesy zen brought to you courtesy of Cute Overload. :)

Also, using the "predatory" bidding style (swooping in during the last 30 seconds of an auction and submitting a higher bid before someone else has time to counter-bid) on Ebay, I won THIS CAMERA with a 1GB memory card, carrying case, tripod, and other goodies.. for the paltry sum of $265.00 (including shipping), not bad considering that this item plus all it's accessories would normally retail for over $500. It's almost the same model as my last one, but this one has higher image resolution and I'm mega-psyched to have won it. I'll be keeping a much better eye on this one (though I do wish they had Lojack for cameras).


Suzanne said...

Hey there! Better late than never to comment on a post, right? Congrats on winning the bid! I should have bought a digi camera prior to my road trip, but I was toooo cheap! Sigh. Considering what I've spent on gas on the trip, I could have easily spent a few hundred bucks on a good camera instead of relying on my cell phone. Oh well. Hope you have fun with your new camera!

nonsequitur said...

Thanks Suzanne :) Digicams are getting cheaper & cheaper... you should sooo get one for your next foray :)