Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tea Partay & Pet Peeve #4


I just picked up this amusing little movie from The UVscene Blog!!! Thou must needs watch it right now!!! The producer is totally taking a jab at the stereotypical upper-crust New Englanders as well as one of my pet peeves: caucasian people from rich towns or hick-towns who think they are "gangstas" (despite never having been involved in any sort of gang; these are the ones who, if placed in a REAL gang-run urban environment, wouldn't last more than two minutes). These white hickstas (aka: wiggas) grow like weeds in my town, we had one working part-time at my place of employment last year. This guy styled himself (poorly) after Eminem, fancied himself to be a rapper, and is destined to go down as a legend in my annals of hilarity & ineptness.

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