Wednesday, August 16, 2006

PICTURES!!! (and more pet store nerdiness)

So the new digital camera rocks just as much as the last one, here are some recent pics:

A waterfall display that I recently built up at the other store. Note that this is a new construction and it looks a tad awkward because the plants and moss were not yet grown out at the time that this photo was taken. More pics of this display to come after it has a bit more time to mature and naturalize.

Detail of the waterfall.

Corner display in the stairwell that leads down to the fish room... before redecoration.

... and after redecoration. An improvement, no?

Yes, it's real. Having overcome my fear of them, I am now OK with handling the less agressive species of tarantulas.

Do you have a case of the willies yet?

Young male deer, pic taken on the same hike where I had the napping incident (read 2 posts back). This pic is fuzzy from being taken at a distance.


Bacchus said...

I miss having fish at home. I haven't had an aquarium since moving to california. Living in earthquake country makes you think twice about housing water creatures in glass. Your pictures made me miss having a set up at home. They look great.

Shelby said... can do on the tarantulas!! Those pictures made me pick my feet up off the floor and make weird squealy noises...*laughs*

Nice picture of the deer, though. I think their antlers look so neat when they're still in velvet like that. :)