Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vacation Pics Et Nauseum

Well folks, it was a heck of a nice vacation and here are the pics as promised. As always, you can click each picture to see a larger, more detailed version.

The camp where we all stayed for the week

View of the back yard from the camp

View of Mt. Elmore from the camp waterfront

My "niece" and I

One of my young cousins feeding the ducks

"Family Tree"- My younger brother in black, my older sister on the ground looking up, and three of my cousins

Taking a break while stacking wood at my grandmother & sister's house

A certain sibling of mine does not like to be photographed.

My "niece" again

My mother and one of my young cousins

Adorable little pygmy goats at the horseback riding place (note how rotund they are, we figured they were most likely pregnant)

Scottish highlander cow

My sister and little brother up in the saddle

Cousins enjoying the trail ride

My father on his horse

A rather odd chicken (known as a "Silky" I think???)

More goats

The road leading to the foot of the trail on Mt. Elmore

Group photo taken close to the summit, at the site of a burnt-down ranger cabin

My little brother and cousin clowning around on top of what is left of the old field-stone chimney

The fire tower at the very top of Mt. Elmore

Me in the fire tower, Lake Elmore in the background

Lake Elmore, view from the fire tower

View of the North end of the lake

Slightly fuzzy aerial detail of the camp

View of the southern ridge of mountains extending away from Mt. Elmore and the southern tip of Morrisville

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