Friday, August 18, 2006

SPROOIIING!!!....*leaving a cloud of dust*

Well, it has been long-awaited and well-deserved. It's been about three years since I took a real vacation. Tomorrow, I am leaving for the beautiful little town of Lake Elmore, VT. My perennial favorite get-away spot. I've been there at least once almost every year since infancy... even for just an evening or two of camping & hiking. This time around, I'll be spending an entire week. There will be many pictures to post when I get back :).

Oh, and another blessing... I brought my car in to the dealership for an oil change yesterday... and they told me that it needed five different repairs... and my warranty expired over two years ago. How is this a blessing? Well, all of the repairs are covered by factory recalls and they won't cost me a cent.

Well, I gotta go finish packing. You all have a good one :)

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Steve S said...

have a great vacation!