Monday, July 31, 2006

The Mozart Festival

My buddy Matt took me to the Vermont Mozart Festival Birthday Bash, held in the meadow just beneath the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. The music was beautifully rendered, our picnic foods were very rich, the sunset behind the line of mountains that is Smuggler's Notch was a lovely touch, and they had a raucous little fireworks display after the sky became dark and the music concluded. The drive up was worth it in itself. On the way up, we stopped at the Forget-Me-Not Shop in Johnson, VT - a funky little clothing store that is one of my favorite places to visit while on holiday up in that area, and we detoured through Smuggler's Notch to see the sights. I've not been through "Smuggs" for so long that I forgot how beautiful it was. The road seems to wind through a section of woods which gives the impression of a naturalized zen garden strewn with boulders and trees, which are stunted because of the elevation, but still clinging to life among the rocks (and with the help of mosses and lichens, softening the jagged edges). Yet again, a moment where I would kill to be in posession of a good camera. This was an evening well-spent :) Thanks Matt :)

Corny side-note: One of my coworkers went to Ozfest on the same day... interesting juxtaposition of musical styles and artists... he went to Ozfest, I went to Mozfest... hahaha.


Regina said...

I wish we had something as cool (pun intended - it's over 100 here today) as Mozfest in NC.

Interesting job history - from nursing to pet shop... I'm currently kind of doing the reverse ark - pet care to medical. =)

Please feel free to offer any insights on my current CUN sitch. God knows I'm working with nothing!

PS - Thanks for the comment again. It led me back to your page where I got the link free antivirus. Since my current version is expiring next week it was serendipitous!

PSS - I love to play in the dirt too (planting IS therapy). Keep the great local flora and fauna pics coming!

nonsequitur said...

Over 100!!!??? Daaaaaaaaaamn! and I thought that we had it rough in the low 90s up here.

As far as CUN goes, I've been following your blog and it sounds like you are handling everything appropriately given the situation, it's now a waiting game I suppose.

AVG Antivirus does kick arse... I've been using it for 2 years now, not only does it have a 100% detection rate (when configured and used properly), but it also has saved my computer from at least half a dozen nasty viruses :)

Glad to know that there are others who find gardening to be cathartic as well :)