Friday, July 28, 2006

Random News

I worked another (almost) double-shift up at the other store again today... boy do I wish I still had my camera to take before and after pictures. I'm working like a dog in an 80 degree environment with 95% relative humidity... but it's all worth it. You'll see what I mean when I get another camera and post pictures :)

I just watched The Hours (movie)... I don't say this often about a film adaptation, but I think it is actually better than the book. It has also piqued my interest in reading some more of Virginia Woolf's work... starting with Mrs. Dalloway (one of Ms. Woolf's famous works that this story continually parallels and makes references to). I also just finished The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver and OH MY WORD!!!... it has now been added to my list of all-time favorite books. Ms. Kingsolver has a good handle on writing. I find it hard to believe that this was her first published book, she has all the poise of a veteran wordsmith. You all need to read it too. I'm headed to the library tomorrow to pick up the sequel, Pigs In Heaven.

I received an interesting message on my voice mail when I got home from work this evening... it was a real estate agent politely informing me that she will be showing the building (and subsequently my apartment) tomorrow in the early afternoon. It would have been nice if my landlord had posessed the intestinal fortitude to inform me that my home was on the market. On the brighter side... I'm overdue for a shake-up... in fact if the worst does happen, it might just be the motivation I need to start checking out the housing market a year or two ahead of schedule. At the worst, I could throw all of my things into storage and uproot for a little while... I've been looking for an excuse to further streamline and simplify my life. As insane as it sounds, I wouldn't mind living in a tent until colder weather moves me into a more temperature-impervious dwelling. Oh well, this doesn't even qualify as a raw deal unless my next landlord turns out to be a twit. It is not a problem yet, so it doesn't warrant turning myself into a nervous wreck.

For those of you who have been following the blog... I've heard through the grapevine that my ex is terminal and they've stopped treatment for the cancer. He is now on hospice care and I know from experience that 99% of the people who enter hospice care are on a one-way ticket. I feel bad for the poor guy, as well as his sons and the rest of his family. It sounds cliche, but one never knows when their time is up... it gives me a lot of food for thought; I need to be more mindful of how my time is spent and what I am doing with my life. Regardless of the heartache, frustration, and anger that I experienced in conjunction with him, I still wish that I could remove his affliction. Despite his faults (and believe me, I'm not one to point the finger; I have my share of them too), he doesn't deserve to experience this; nor does anyone else in this world, save for a select few. But what can we do? Life rarely conforms to our flawed perception of equitable fate. Ultimately, it is out of our hands. May everything happen as it is meant to be.


Regina said...

Hey there - was cleaning up my blog and saw you stopped in and posted a comment in June. Thaaaanks. =)

I'm sorry to hear about your ex. Life's funny that way isn't it? My sister recently passed and even after all she had done, she didn't deserve what she got. Moral of that story: wounded hearts seeking revenge have to be very careful what they wish for...

The sentiment you expressed about mindfulness, for lack of a better expression, jerked a knot in my ass. So away I go with the intent of being a better person (again) thanks to your eloquent musings.

Well said!

nonsequitur said...

Thanks for your post Regina :)

re: wounded hearts seeking revenge - how very true indeed.

re: the rest of it - glad I've had some sort of positive effect :) Good luck!