Monday, June 12, 2006

More Pics, AWESOME HIKE!!!

I did end up going on that second hike up Green Mountain with my buddy Dimitri and we had a heck of a long, scenic adventure. Figuring aimless wandering, the whole hike probably spanned 14 miles. We got so distracted with conversation and what-not that we completely lost the trail and ended up hiking around the top of the mountain for a couple hours looking for a path. Some of the terrain was very rugged, especially when we decided to take a shortcut down a steeply pitched section with lots of dense brush and loose rocks. I ended up tweaking my old knee injury a little when I fell and landed just the wrong way, but it isn't horrid and should be back to normal within a few days. We saw a lot of beautiful swamps & boggy areas as well as a fleeting glimpse of a bear. We also ran across a ruggedly-constructed camp in the middle of nowhere. It was made out of scrap rubber, cut logs, and tarps, and it had a nasty, threatening sign just inside the doorway that cautioned trespassers that they would be killed or something like that. Dimitri thinks it might be the abode of a homeless person, possibly mentally ill (this would explain the super-paranoid-sounding message on the sign).

A beautiful panoramic pic of a boggy area on the southern top part of the mountain. Click to see it in more detail.

Cool growth of odd orange fungus on a stick.

Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid, Cypripedium acaule.

Some sort of cool Lichen with red tops (spore capsules?).


McPolack said...

Very swell pics! I miss the ladyslippers especially, being in massofchewyzits (massachusetts) and all. And the lichens are called British soldiers. I learned this in elementary school science class and it has always stuck with me.

nonsequitur said...

"British Soldiers", that's a cool name for them. Thanks, I'll remember that :).