Saturday, June 17, 2006

Grafton Pond Pictures

My buddy Dimitri and I went kayaking on Grafton Pond for a couple of hours yesterday. The scenery was breathtaking and Grafton Pond was incredibly naturalized for being a man-made body of water; all sorts of islands covered with sphagnum moss and old trees in the middle of the lake. Dimitri showed me the boggy end of the lake that was (in some areas) only accessible by kayak. It was a very beautiful and relaxing way to end the day.

Common Loon, Gavia immer

An unusual mammalian loon, Dimitricus aquatica, note the "short-sleeved" plumage that is particular to this time of year.

Irises on a small sphagnum-covered stump island in the boggy end of the lake

Sunset over Grafton Pond

On a completely unrelated topic... via BoingBoing I've discovered a talented Finnish bluegrass band named Rautakoura. I don't speak or understand Finnish, but their instrumentation is first-class. If you're into bluegrass, I'd heavily recommend that you visit their site and download their demo tracks. Here is a link to the original BoingBoing post.


Steve S said...

beautiful pics!

Mind the Bear said...

beautiful country, hot kayaking buddy, great day! Thanks for the pictures.

I'm guessing the lake in question is a glacial lake. We had no glaciation in the South, so there are (virtually) no natural lakes (except a few in low-lying coastal areas) Must be beautiful and so unique.

Cheers, Joe.

nonsequitur said...

No, it's actually not a glacial lake... it is man-made... an old CCC project if I recall correctly. Let me tell ya though... they sure know how to build them to last. It is beautiful to boot. I am glad that it is a bird sanctuary, thus largely unspoiled by people (unless they discover oil there of course).