Sunday, June 25, 2006

Interesting and cool...

I was just perusing SmartMobs and I happened upon 2 interesting tidbits. Here is an interesting article on creativity ,the author is asserting that the structure of creativity in modern man is actually evolving. It is an enlightening read. Also spotted was this cool video of captive beluga whales who have learned to blow bubble rings. I watched this and all the other cool tricks that they have taught them to do. This gives me even more respect for their intelligence level, but it also made me think about their emotional/mental state. They seem engaged and happy, but are they truly fulfilled living in the confines of this environment and serving mankind in this capacity? I wonder if they are at ease on an instinctual level... do they feel like they are missing something, are all their mental needs being met?
On other homefronts, I just started reading The Hours, by Michael Cunningham. I'm only five chapters in, nothing about the book has taken my mind by storm yet, but so far I am at least still interested in reading it.

Last night I went to a summer party hosted by some of my coworkers... It was enjoyable, but I ended up drinking a bit too much and one of the coworkers was nice enough to drive me home in my own car and help me into my house. Oy, now I remember why I cut back on the partying a few years ago. I have always had a restrained, healthy relationship with booze, but when I am in a social setting with lots of people, I tend to go overboard. I really need to develop more self-control. Oh well, at least I didn't have a bad hangover :)

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