Saturday, June 03, 2006

Grrrrr... Crappy Morning >:-(

So I wake up three hours earlier than normal this morning because we lost power and my roommate's computer UPS was screaming a series of beeps. Of course he sleeps too heavy for it to wake him up, but it's sure as hell loud enough to wake me up in the next room. I can't get back to sleep, so I at least decide that I'm going to do something that doesn't involve power consumption to pass the time. The cat got sick all over the living room floor because of the deworming medicine I gave her last night. After cleaning that up, I go to take pictures of the goldfish on my back porch... and my camera says that the memory card is full 2 pictures into it. This is impossible because it's a 1 gigabyte memory card... I figured maybe it's an issue with the card itself... so I remove it only to find out that someone replaced it with an 8 megabyte card... I thought that my high-capacity card had been stolen and replaced while my camera was at work or while it was sitting in front of the window (this neighborhood is pretty safe so I'm not terribly vigilant about unlocked windows)... After scouring the entire living room in desperation looking for it, I finally go wake up my roommate to ask if he knows anything about it and as it turns out, he borrowed it without asking me and forgot to put it back. AAAAUUUUGH!!!

Anywho, I picked some flowers, made some tea ghetto-yankee style, and got my feathers unruffled. Maybe today will turn out alright.

Testing the old adage, "a watched pot never boils." As it turns out, they eventually do. Pithy folk wisdom be damned! Heh :).

My goldfishies.


Peterson Toscano said...

Well, if the beauty of your photos is any indication of how your day will turn out, you are bound to experience wonders.

Great shots. Nothing like some good tea and art to re-direct the day.

Suzanne said...

Sorry about the noise, the mess, the cat, the annoyances...

Hey.. just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you very much. You're a good, online blogger buddy! Thank you so much for the comments you've left on my site.

It would be nice to exchange emails sometime.

Take care!