Sunday, November 05, 2006

Parade of FREA... errr... Interesting People

OK, so there are mixed opinions in some circles as to whether or not the lunar cycles affect people's personalities, particularly the full moon. I can tell you with certainty that I believe they do. Having worked in the nursing field, I've observed that dementia patients get far rowdier and more unsettled (as well as exhibiting more pronounced unsettling behavior), and in retail, rude customers become more rude around the full moon. Between the crazy lady who lives in her van with 15+ pet rats... harassing the front counter people to give her a refund for a product which she has no proof of having bought... and not just harassing... she HUNG AROUND FOR OVER FIVE HOURS and proceeded to bombard different staff members with no less than three different versions of why she deserves a refund and how she obtained the product.... and the man who seemed to imply that we had somehow conspired to sell him sick fish (despite the fact that the illness manifested almost 2 weeks after he purchased them, pretty much all fish diseases are evident within a few days of purchase if they were sick at the time of purchase)... then getting incensed about the fact that he had to actually PURCHASE the medicine for curing the ones that hadn't died yet. And a whole other delectable onslaught of miscreants... The highlight of my day was the several hours of having to duck pipes and ductwork in a cobwebby basement room where I had to slouch like a hunchback because of the low ceilings (my back is killing me as a result)... and repeatedly plunging my hands & forearms into mud that smelled like a swamp filled with human waste... ( I was trimming pond plants of all vegetation & external roots and storing them for winter)... Ummm... let's just say that today was a bit of an ordeal and I am glad that it is done with. On the positive side, I went to Dimitri's house to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? with him and his mother. I had never actually seen the film before and I have to say that I enjoyed it... such a quirky and creative adaptation. I also made a huge pot of my Italian(esque) gumboish soup... gumboish because my soups are typically so thick that they could be considered the bastard child of gumbo and soup. Will post the recipe at some point soon.


Peterson Toscano said...

And that would be a vegan gumboish soup? If so, I must drop by for a bite.

Saturday was the full moon? Hmm, that must account for my lunacy that evening. Fun, but insane. nuff said.

nonsequitur said...

Well, it's not vegan per se, but have made it vegan before for friends who are... it's just a few simple tweaks to the recipe.. I'll post said recipe with vegan tweaks at some point soon.

.. and NO, NOT enough said... do describe the lunacy :)

Shelby said...

the moon definitely has an effect on people! My mom worked an overnight shift at the hospital for 15 years and she can certainly attest to the weirdness that a full moon can bring on.

Steve S said...

Happy belated birthday.

A full moon, the kind that is so bright it looks like dim daylight outside, keeps me from sleeping, I have to be outdoors in it, so I just go out on the patio and read, write or contemplate, whatever, just so I can stay outdoors most of the night. I can also see how it affects the dogs behavior. They get more easily jumpy.

Regina said...

Happy belated.

Sounds like you've got a yankee version of my CUN. I wonder if they are related.

As for the fool moon theory, that certainly explains ALOT about my kooky postings.