Thursday, November 16, 2006


It seems that no good deed goes unpunished...

Lately, in an attempt to adopt life practices that are healthier for me as well as the environment, I've been walking to work at least 3 days out of five. I usually prepare for whatever weather is coming before I leave, so I hoofed it to work today with my umbrella, backpack, and lunchbox. After an amusing day filled with assorted unusual customers and people who were so drunk that I could have caught a buzz off their breath I realized that I needed to walk to the grocery store to pick up kitty litter and a few other little items before heading home. So I am walking home in the wind and pouring rain, trying to avoid stepping on the earthworms that were all over the sidewalk, with a 15 lb. bag of kitty litter on my shoulder in addition to my other cargo, trying to control an umbrella that kept threatening to fly away in the wind... and the bag of kitty litter rips right open and pours all over myself and my belongings. As I type this I am soaked to the bone and still peeling off bits of caked on cat litter from my clothing & hair. May tomorrow treat me better!!!


CrackerLilo said...

Oh, that just completely sucks ass! I hope tomorrow's better for you, too!

Peterson Toscano said...

Oh, dear Miss Elphaba, I truly feel for you.

It's been a little over a year since I totally got rid of my car, and on Tuesday I felt particularly pleased with myself for gettting across town using two bus transfers and serious walking. Then at the end of the day, that crazy wind and sidewards rain hit New England, and don't you know my second bus did not come. There I am, umbrella inside out, desperately trying to shelter my laptop from the driving rain, cursing the darkness.

I called a taxi, but it never came. Finally I called a lesbian, and of course she came right away. Some friends we can always rely upon.

Perhaps this book will help you keep your resolve to do the right thing.

Steve S said...

Well if you had a car, you could have rolled around in the driveway while covered with litter, soaking up all the oil!

Sorry, I guess that wasn't much help.

I hope your day got better.

nonsequitur said...

LOL, yeah... my day settled down a bit after that :)... on a minor side note... I DO have a perfectly working car, I've simply been choosing to walk to work instead of burning excess gasoline. I only live about 12 minutes walking distance from my workplace.

Steve S said...

I'm the same way, there's a grocery store about a 6 minute walk from here and many times during the week, I'll pull Kristin in the little red wagon to the store, even though we have a car. We no longer get odd looks walking up and down the aisles filling the wagon up with stuff, they're used to it now.