Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Busy busy busy!!!

And hiking hiking hiking!!! Yeah, I've been staying busy. Last week I did a million things including several long hikes, a scenic walk around Grafton, VT (what a stunningly beautiful town, and many thanks to one of my new friends for showing it to me as well as giving historical highlights). While in Grafton, we attended an interesting talk on sustainable living, hosted by local author Tom Wessels. Last week also included antiqueing and perusing junk stores/thrift shops with a couple of friends... I was shown a cool little thrift shop/junk store on a back street in Bellows Falls, VT. It is shabby on the outside, but contains all sorts of treasures within.

The weekend included a casual lunch date and movie (Borat), and more shopping. I really have to get in gear & start Christmas shopping early to avoid the insane shopping & wrapping frenzy I went through last year.

I have a feeling that this winter will be far easier on my mind and body than last winter. The warmer months have given me all sorts of creative new outlets for my energy and I am hoping that I can use them to stave off the usual seasonal funk. Just down the street from my house there is a karate dojo which piqued my interest in taking classes, but first I want to bring a respected friend with me to observe the teaching style within these classes. He has a strong background in the martial arts and I wanted to get his opinion on the sensei's primary focus before I actually commit to this particular place.

Hmmm... and here are yet another couple of David Firth animations which I happened across while killing some time the other day: Ptikobj and Sock Episode 1. Obscure, slightly crass nonsense as per Mr. Firth's usual style, yet I find them rather addictive and quotable.

Well-behaved citizens (or possibly escapees from the criminally insane ward???) out on an Autumn hike in New England.

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McPolack said...

Great picture! I'm going to go with "Wackadoo New Englanders in their natural habitat" as a caption.