Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The essay I mentioned in this previous post has finally gone online at http://www.beyondexgay.com, and can be viewed by following this link. For those of you who may not know what this is about, it is a narrative detailing the hardships and struggles I have been through as a result of the "Ex-Gay" movement as well as addressing the misinformation that this religious/political initiative has fed to some of my loved ones. I won't lie, it is a long read and some of it is depressing, much of it may also be edifying if you are seeking to learn more about the "Ex-gay" school of thought. I will return and post more afterthoughts concerning this at a later time.

I am currently between permanent living spaces and relying on local coffee shops with wireless internet access. The dial-up at my parents' home is so painfully slow that it takes me ten minutes just to access my e-mail, so long delays in response time and blog postings are to be expected until I am settled again.


Bacchus said...

Well written and from the heart. Many people forget that there is a real people attached to these arguments and that they are being hurt.

My partner lost his parents because their church.

Thank you for writing this.

Lawrence Reh said...

Thanks for the courage of sharing your reflections on family dynamics and the ex-gay danger on the website, Beyond Ex-Gay. I feel for you in your current in-between home status. At one time in my life, I lived in nine different locations within a five-year period, and it can be very demoralizing to have just settled in an begin to feel comfortable and 'at home,' and suddenly have to relocate again. I've just discovered your blog, and hope you are able to continue sharing -- the photos are beautiful, the product of real talent and vision.

Lawrence Reh

tony said...

I enjoyed your posting on the beyondexgay site. I grew up with a very conservative household also and can relate. Compassion is the foundation of the Chrsitian faith but is the most forgotten aspect by those who believe. Hope that your living situation is starting to work out. Lastly, just wanted to say it is cool that you care about the environment because of your faith. Refreshing.


nonsequitur said...

Bacchus, thank you for your comment. I identify with what your partner feels, I also feel like I lost a big part of my own parents a long time ago because of Fundamentalism/Literalism.

Tony, Lawrence, thank you also ;-)

Cuarentayuno said...

Hey you!

I just finished reading your heartfelt, powerful and insightful essay. I have always held a deep admiration for you, and I am glad to count you among my friends--and this just serves as a reminder of what I find so compelling about you. Thanks for writing this, and for having the balls to speak up!

Much love,


nonsequitur said...

Thanks Gil, best keep the lavish compliments to a minumum though. You keep it up and I'll need to shop for larger hats :-p. Hehe.