Thursday, August 09, 2007

Head Spinning

I apologize to the few people who actually follow this compendium of personal randomness known as my blog. I've been much busier than usual lately. Between household stuff, real estate shopping, hiking, occasional insomnia, blackberry picking, reading, writing, etc... I've been very lax in putting down any of my thoughts here. My head is spinning from all the activities and opportunities on my plate right now.

Good books I've been reading:
To Try The Bloody Law by Robert S. Burgess - The story of the life and martyrdom of the Quaker woman Mary Dyer.

The Renewable Energy Handbook
by William H. Kemp - A Guide To Rural Energy Independence, Off-Grid and Sustainable Living - An excellent technical guide for people like me who are researching forms of living which have a much lower environmental impact. The author really puts everything into language which is easy to understand and includes lots of simple, helpful, technical diagrams for do-it-yourselfers like me.

Dark Night Journey: Inward Re-patterning Toward A Life Centered In God
by Sandra Cronk - "The dark night aptly describes the situation of those who have had a growing sense of God's presence, direction, and consolation and are suddenly bereft of that experience. Aridity, meaninglessness, loss, and pain are hardly the milestones expected on a journey toward God. The author brings a unique perspective to her interpretation of this powerful pathway, and offers sensitive guidance to dark night travelers and those who seek to understand and nurture them.

Random things I have been doing:
It looks like it is going to be another banner year for harvesting wild blackberries. Tomorrow I am hoping to go out and pick at least a couple gallons' worth with the intention of making jam with them.

At the end of next week I am headed up to Elmore, VT again for vacation with my family. I've purchased a used boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia which I intend to start reading again during my down-time.

I am working on a narrative essay detailing how the 'Ex-Gay Movement' has affected my life and my relationship with my parents & family. It describes by struggle due to the fact that my parents espouse ex-gay philosophies and I am a gay man with no desire to submit myself to the 'reparative therapy' which is promoted by the organizations in this movement. I am running into a lot of snags in writing the essay and trying to really examine myself and my life deeply so that the essay can be truthful and concise while touching on the subject of my family and parents with a sympathetic, understanding view of them. I don't believe I have ever put as much of myself into a piece of writing and it is emotionally exhausting. It is currently under review by several close loved ones and friends and I've just submitted it for consideration (and hopefully refinement) by some of the Friends who I attend meeting with. It will eventually be posted when I feel that it is ready.


Mike Airhart said...

Hiya, Seth,

You're well ahead of me on the sustainable-living journey, so I appreciate your mentioning some resources (such as the renewable energy handbook) that have helped you.

It was only this past week that I finally bought reusable grocery-shopping bags to replace all the ghastly plastic and paper bags. Now I'm examining how to obtain unpackaged or less-packaged foods.

Good luck with your reflections on the ex-gay movement! I look forward to learning more of your perspective sometime.

nonsequitur said...

Hello Mike, good to see you're still kicking around here. The Renewable Energy Handbook really is a superior reference and I would highly recommend it. I started doing the reusable shopping bag thing about 4 months ago. I opt for brown paper when I've forgotten my canvas bags at home because the brown paper is at least compostable. Unpackaged or less-packaged foods are often available from farmer's markets and local produce stores. The narrative essay on the ex-gay movement is still a work in progress. The first few revisions were not a completely accurate reflection of me, how I view the situation, and what I ultimately wish for the piece to reflect. So I have it going through several trusted loved ones and friends within my circle, it will likely be a few weeks before it is done. Thanks for dropping by :)