Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Photographic Chronicles of Delightful Workplace Nonsense

My workplace is quite unique, the other people employed within it being no exception. It is not your standard retail store and we all have unusual personalities. I enjoy having my own brand of absurdism and some of us share a really abstract, dark sense of humor, which makes for some very strange pranks on each other. View the pictures below for a full dose of the sweet madness.

"I am here to protect you from the terrible secret of space": One of my coworkers likes to draw random faces on the daily to-do lists in my department, then one of us usually adds on a body, accessories, and a caption/word-bubble or two. This one is both a reference and a tribute to this obscure internet phenomenon.

One of my dearly-missed coworkers created this mixed-media face just for me, I especially like how she created the jawline from random mathematical problem sets.

A spoon that one of my coworkers purposely rusted as a prop and tribute to Salad Fingers, specifically in reference to this episode where our noble hero expounds upon his affinity for rusty objects, specifically spoons.

Spongebob has obviously been VERY VERY naughty!

Squidward, wearing a lovely feather & bow headpiece, accompanied by a random girlfriend supplied by my buddy Dan.

"Telekrinkulum": Once in a while it is nice to confuse people by writing an emphatic made-up word on a specific date on the department calendar....

...and then offer a confusing clarification by giving the word it's own separate holiday.

A sign that has been hanging in my department for a long time.

I really can't offer a valid explanation for this one, it's totally random except for the fact that 'Feathers' happens to be a fan of Stanley Kubrick, his garb and commentary reference the movie A Clockwork Orange

Even aquatically-necrotic, tire-sitting murder victims can enjoy the fresh, bold taste of Mentos™.

More references to Salad Fingers

Various employees' representations of other employees

To the casual observer, all of this probably looks like the work of a bunch of criminally insane freak-shows, but really folks, where would we be without a bit of nonsense in our lives!!??? :)

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