Sunday, May 20, 2007


Springtime means that many of my houseplants decide to burst into bloom all at once.

'Beefsteak' begonia blooms



'Goldfish Plant' bloom

Blooming Christmas cactus that never wants to bloom around Christmastime.

Euphorbia (aka 'Crown of Thorns')

....and now for some other random pictures from my home and workplace:

Beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs created by my sister

Mouth of a Plecostomus

Porcelain Crab, top view

Porcelain Crab, bottom view

A gecko who looks happy, but in truth is likely pretty pissed off (in a holding container while his cage is cleaned). One needs to be very careful around them because of their penchant for selling car insurance policies to unwitting victims who are taken by their cuteness.

Funky gecko foot

Grumpy-looking 'talking catfish' who is probably happier than a pig in mud, hiding under some greenery at the front of his tank

My roommate and 'Addie', my coworker's dog

Neritina snail slurping at the side of a tank

Firebelly toad

Firebelly toad, underside

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Bacchus said...

Beatiful photographs. The Goldfish flower is making me rethink my garden design.