Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wacky Advertisement

I just got a good chuckle out of this advertisement. There's a marketing department somewhere who must be patting themselves on the back over this one.


Stay said...

That is hilarious. But can I just say, when those pants ran onscreen that first time? The white pants running by looked kind of creepy. I think there was a scary story I read as a kid about a pair of pants that ran by themselves....yes, as a kid I was scared at the thought of living pants. Don't mock =)

But now, seeing that, I know better. Pants are not to feared. They're to be loved, and protected...thank you, Lord, thank you, for saving this noble creature.

nonsequitur said...

Oh my yes... how could I forget??? I was raised on Dr. Seuss books in early childhood (and still have some of them). I believe the book you are talking about is What Was I Scared Of?.

I recall reading an article about him about a decade ago, Reader's Digest I think... having to do with how controversial his works were when they first came out. Apparently there was a lot of opposition to his style at first because people feared that his fantastical rhymes and weird pictures would corrupt children's reading abilities later in life... as it turns out, it encouraged reading because the books were so much fun. In retrospect I also admire his subtle moral messages that he incorporated into his stories... ahhh.. memories, thank you for that :).