Sunday, January 14, 2007

Operation Banana Prank

So, my buddy Dimitri and I had the day off on Friday and we were really bored (and I mean really REALLY bored). So we decided to go back up the mountain on the north side of town to find the odd little shack that we accidentally discovered while lost in the woods last year (mentioned in this previous blog post). We have since determined that it is not the home of a mentally ill homeless person, but the frequent meeting place of a few outdoorsy locals who (judging from the copious amount of empty liquor bottles lying around) like to go up there once in a while for a wild night of drinking in the wilderness... on the front of a steep, rocky cliff no less (hmmm.. is this safe? lol). Just for giggles, we decided to do something to mess with their heads, so we brought along a plastic banana upon which we wrote in permanent marker,"Thank you for the wonderful acomodations, though your staff needs a bit more training in how to brew a good cup of Darjeeling," and we left it sitting on their wood stove. We did not touch or remove any of their belongings and we don't expect the prank to be understood or make any sort of sense, we just wanted to do something that would leave them trying to figure out what the heck their camp was used for while they weren't there. We decided to take the main trail back down the other side of the mountain, which turned out to be mostly ice. I forgot to wear my yaktraks (incidentally, a product which I VERY HIGHLY recommend for anyone who is serious about winter hiking) so I ended up slipping and landing directly on my coccyx on a softball size rock. I didn't break it, but now I am reminded of the fall whenever I go from a sitting to standing position. Karma for the prank I guess :-p.

My town framed by trees and rays of sun, this particular hike always offers awesome views.

Dimitri and I

The cabin, whoever built it did a great job building a solid structure out of odd scrap materials and cut saplings, rather ingeniously constructed.

The insides of the camp.

Weapon: Banana, Objective: Confusion
(Why? Because a plastic banana is, by nature, amusing and it is one of the last objects that one expects to find at their camp site.)

Mission Complete

Side note: this prank is pretty harmless and mild compared to some of the evil high jinks I pulled when I was a bit younger.


McPolack said...

I love your banana prank! And thanks too for posting pics of the shelter. It is ingenious and super-neat.

Peterson Toscano said...

well done. IT is missions like these that make the world a better place.

nonsequitur said...

McPolack, glad you enjoyed it.

Peterson, thanks for the encouragement. I am now thinking of starting a political organization with a heavily proactive stance regarding initiatives like this. The way I figure it, once we recruit enough people, we can leave enough plastic banana messages to confuse the entire country and eventually the world! I just need to keep dreaming and believing!

CrackerLilo said...

How funny!!! Bet that made them scratch their heads a lot.

That's almost as good as the banana prank my brother pulled on me.

I thought Bananas in Pajamas were cute, and L'Ailee gave me a set of stuffed ones. I still lived at home, with my mom and brother. The Bananas lived on my desk.

One day I came home to find two little sets of pajamas and two banana peels on my desk, with a note from my brother that said, "Thanks! I was hungry!" :-)

nonsequitur said...

Cracker, that's too cute. Your brother has a good sense of humor :)

Steve S said...

People left all that stuff out in the wilderness? If I were them, I would have been paranoid that someone would have stole the boom box or the grill or something. I always have to lock everything up. Just a reminder to me, I suppose, of the different environment I live in.

You'll have to check back sometime soon and see if they left a reply (or some tea)!