Sunday, September 24, 2006

Food Love, Early Autumn Hike

If Peterson Toscano is allowed to form a decidedly unorthodox relationship with food, then I sure as heck can feel comfortable with my own UFAs (Unusual Food Attractions). Thank you Peterson for paving the way to fostering greater understanding between the UFA community and the IFC (Indifferent Food Consumer) community. May we finally learn to live side by side in harmony. I know I will benefit greatly from your pioneering spirit. Now let me tell you people about MY new love: Better Soy Roasted Organic Soy Butter (mfd. by Wonder Natural Foods Corp.). I have tried other soy butters such as the IM Healthy brand, and there is just no comparison. Not only does this spread rock my world way more than any other brand of soy nut butter that I've tried, I can tell you with utmost certainty that it tastes BETTER THAN PEANUT BUTTER!

Picture of my new sweetheart, isn't he adorable???!!!
Alas, I fear that our love is doomed to be a short-lived whirlwind romance. I happened across only 2 jars of it while out on one of my discount food store runs... and they will probably never have it again and as of 20 minutes ago, google searches return only a handful of pertinent results with no information on where I can purchase more of it. Does anybody else have information on where I can find it or is this relationship doomed???


And on to less thorazine-worthy subject matter...

Friday brought me on a nice, long hike in the hills on the south side of town and here are a few pics I took:

One of the fields on the trail out into the woods. Filled with goldenrod, bumblebees, and hundreds of frenetically dancing butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly, Danaus plexippus

New England Purple Aster, Aster novae-angliae - one of my favorite flowers

Often mistakenly called "Indian Paintbrush", I can't find the true name of this one.

... and here is a brief video of the monarch butterfly that I spotted while in one of the upper fields behind the mountain.

I also saw a huge male moose while out hiking, I wish I had been able to draw my camera quick enough to take a shot, but by the time I had it turned on and ready, the only view I got was of the wildly swaying branches & shrubbery in his wake.


Peterson Toscano said...

You may find, sadly, that the world is not yet ready to embrace you and your unorthodox love. I have learned that here in Sweden, although they celebrate all sorts of civil unions, the union between a man and his food is still not recognized by the state.

I did have a fling once some two years back with Trader Joe's Soy Butter. Could not stop, caught up in a whirlwind of spreading and licking and well, I won't go into all the details.

Needless to say, I got to know my love better when one day I took a close look to see what was really on the inside only to find that he contained loads of processed sugar and gunk that his healthy looking label and graphics did not suggest at first sight.

Enjoy this love, even if it may only be a September affair.

Lovely photos of ths hike too!

nonsequitur said...

Oh my, so sorry to hear of the failed Trader Joe's romance. Isn't that always how it goes??!! They present well and always seem so sweet and enriching on the surface. Haha :)

Shelby said...

Very purty pics. What kind of camera set-up are you using?

I've never seen a moose up-close in real life. I've seen them off in the distance from the car a couple times, but never been in the same space as one (ie: w/in less than...say...50-75 yards of one). I think they're fascinating.

nonsequitur said...

Thank you Shelby. The camera I am using is the Canon Powershot A620. After several months of research, this is the model I settled on because of it's very good image quality, battery life, and array of features. It is all-around an awesome camera and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is looking to take nice pictures without having to tweak too much with settings. It also is highly tweakable if you are one who enjoys fiddling with exposure times, speeds, aperture settings, etc. It also takes decent video :) If you buy one and you intend to do a lot of video, I'd get a memory card (or several memory cards) that is at least 1GB. This is the higher-resolution version of the first camera I had, the Powershot A610, which was also an awesome camera (it got stolen). They both have almost identical features though, the only difference being that the A620 has 7.1mp resolution and the A610 has 5mp, still way more than enough for full-page prints :). On Ebay right now, the A620 is currently going for around $230-$280 (if you are a savvy bidder) and the A610 is going for around $180 - $240. Worth way more then that in my humble opinion :)

Crystal said...

The orange flower is Orange Hawkweed. It is a VERY VERY invasive noxious weed that should be eliminated when found. Otherwise it will take over entire fields and crowd out all the native vegetation. See