Sunday, September 17, 2006

Apple Picking

Well, I went up to northwest Vermont to visit with my parents, sister, and grandmother. My parents and I went to one of our favorite apple orchards, Hackett's, located way up on Grand Isle. I picked some nice McIntosh apples (FYI: in case you aren't native to this area and not familiar with the best produce, Macs ONLY taste best when they are fresh off the tree), I also got a few nice pictures while we were there.

A couple shots of the Hackett's farm stand/store, this place is the absolute, refined essence of Vermont. It kinda makes me miss living in this state.

Me with a tragically strange case of hat-head.

Nothing says autumn quite like a grouping of ripe pumpkins.

My mother and father pretending to be Adam & Eve.


McPolack said...

Awww, your parents are big dorks...just like mine!

nonsequitur said...

Indeed, they do seem to be at times :) But it's OK. I may very well be one of those "dorky parents" some day.

McPolack said...

Oh I think dorky is a good thing too and I'm right there with you on having aspirations of parental dorkiness.

nonsequitur said...

McP, from what I've observed, dorkiness in a parent can be used as leverage for making a young one obedient. My LNA teacher used to threaten to pick up her daughter from school wearing a rubber ducky print housecoat and pink bunny slippers if the young lady didn't behave. It worked marvelously :)

McPolack said...

That is awesome! My father used to enjoy laying a finger inside of his nose when dropping me off for school, and then doing one of those Rahahahaha laughs.