Monday, February 21, 2011


Metal cutout sign with a silhouette of a dancing deer, advertising a place which sells deerskins, located up over the ridgeline from where I live. I've always been a bit puzzled by advertisements for animal products which portray that animal as being happy or downright joyful, as if it is glad that you are purchasing something harvested from their carcass. I don't happen to be a vegetarian or PETA activist or anything like that; it's just that this sort of thing seems a bit inappropriate. Still, that doesn't detract from how cool the sign is, was mostly impressed with how clean the lines are and wonder how the maker managed to do this through a quarter inch of plate steel as if cutting paper with an exacto knife; must have been a very fine metal routing bit, a steady hand and a lot of attention to detail with various metal files.

Pepper and one of his bunny toys. "Baybeh, I think I love you. I know we are different species and all, but this feels so right!"


Anonymous said...

How often do you reread your old blog posts?

Nonsequitur said...

@anon: Odd question, no offense. Why do you ask?

It's kinda random. Sometimes I reread an old one if I'm looking to refresh an event in my mind. Sometimes I look for quotes written by others or links I posted and wanted to share but can't remember the location, author or phrasing. Sometimes I edit the post if I notice bad spelling or whatever.