Tuesday, December 08, 2009


"Once words lose anchor in the sensual world, they drift inevitably toward the world of lies. It's not the fault of words; it's how they come between us and things. The word abstract means "to draw away"; our abstractions draw us away from the world. Then we forget their sensual origins. For every word once grew out of the five senses and everyday life. If you brush off the ignorant dirt that covers it, a word is a potato -- with deep roots in the soil, and even eyes that grow underground."
-Rodger Kamenetz , A History of Last Night's Dream


David said...

Abstractions can allow us to lie to ourselves, too.

Nonsequitur said...

Indeed David, as with any tool whether it be an intangible, such as a word or a tangible object; most anything can be bent for good or for bad.