Sunday, July 05, 2009

Patriotic Explosions (of Asian heritage)!

Claremont, NH put on a decent display of fireworks for Independence Day. These pictures are my first foray into time-lapse/time-exposure photography. I'd say it was a success, eh?
Camera settings: ISO 80, aperture 2.4 with varying 11-15 second exposure times. Matt was kind enough to put on a nice little BBQ, then friends, friends of friends and all their young ones sat around watching the display.

Grand Finale

Flower Garden & Fruited Pampas Grass

Dandelions! :-)


Cristobal said...

Hey there.
I just read your story on
Just wanted to tell you how moved I was by it and how directly it spoke to my heart.
I don't know if I should thank you or what but I'm really glad I came across it -- someone else has gone through the same thing...
Take care,


ps. love the pond!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read your story but these are great fireworks pictures and I love fireworks! Very cool dude. Have a nice weekend, Marcus

David said...


David said...


Nonsequitur said...

Cristobal, thank you. I'm glad that you have benefitted from it.
Marcus, David, thank you as well ;)

Anonymous said...

These are incredible photo's. I'd say you got the timed-exposure thing right! They're all really good, but I like the one you named Pampas grass the best.