Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Torrid Writing Confessions

1. I; often; use; too; many; semicolons; and; often; in; the; wrong; places!

2. I am having a long-running love affair (with narrative, parenthetical commentary [but don't tell anyone {it's a bit of an embarassment.}])

3. There is a tendency to use long run-on sentences which often lose their point in obscurity just by the finite sheer unnecessary details and adjectives that they contain as well as the lack of proper punctuation which causes the sentence to read like it was written by a fourth grader with ADHD who is exceedingly high on energy drinks and hasn't taken his ADHD meds for several days and is very excited about a new discovery or point that he has to make and he is rattling on and on and on and on looking for attention that is not forthcoming from his audience who is presently disinterested and making small-talk above the din of his blatherings but he doesn't realize this so he just won't shut up!!!

4. I like lists and the colons preceding them:
a. categories
a1. and organizing them*
*so that they can be broken down.

b. descriptives

c. clarifications*
*with excessive footnotes

d. general absract nitpicking and clarification of minor details*
*which don't have any real bearing on the main points within the writing, often detracting from it.

5. Sesquipedalian: "given to or characterized by the use of long words." Anyone using this word in their writing or everyday speech may also be accurately portraying it's definition.
id est: I have a definitively herculean predilection toward the utilization of prodigious proliferations of a plethora of thesaurically exhaustive, erudite (and occasionally alliterative) written discourse.

6. I like to take liberties (I sometimes am arrogant enough to call it poetic license) by making up words which sound like they should be in the English dictionary, but aren't (notice the word "thesaurically" in the above sentence.)

7. My English teacher in high school was wonderful and I aced two years of college-level English. So I hate to admit that I've forgotten a good portion of what she has taught me. I wouldn't be able to diagram a simple sentence these days.

8. Even though they're considered improper English in many circles, I can't bring myself to stop using contractions in writin' n' every day speech.

9. I often edit proofread my compositions writings many multiple times before publishing posting or sending them in the form of a letter, e-mail transmission or essay. I went back and modified edited this post 2 three four five times before I was satisfied with it.

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