Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Falling Madly In Love

And I've decided that the object of my affection happens to be a she in this case. Don't be too surprised by this fact, but do check out her amenities (which can be viewed here and here.)

She is totally my style: petite, into all the same things that I'm into... existing deep in the woods, living off the land, off the grid lifestyle, probably likes dogs & cats, and wouldn't mind having a large garden some day.

I'm checking out financing/mortgage options tomorrow ;-). Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

It took me a second :-)
Yay! I'm excited for you, and I would be in love too!

Good luck!.
I've been watching for a great house deal for a few months, but haven't found the "one".

McPolack said...

Good luck! She's a beaut!

Mike Airhart said...

Good luck!

The place looks and sounds fab, but that real estate ad mentions snowmobile trails. I wonder how noisy the place might be in wintertime or with ATVs.080

Bacchus said...

It is beautiful. I can almost hear the wind in the trees. I'll keep good thoughts for you.

nonsequitur said...

Thanks to all of you for the kind wishes... Mike... ATVs don't really bother me much, I'd rather deal with occasional ATVs or snowmobiles than the plethora of cars with modified (i.e. LOUD) exhaust systems and ghetto-blaster stereos which seem so prevalent in my area.