Monday, April 09, 2007

Movies & A Music Kick

I had friends over to watch Frida this evening. I enjoyed re-watching it, noticing missed plot details from my previous viewing. A while ago my buddy Pasha hooked me up with a copy of the movie Lair of The White Worm and I only just got around to it the other day. Lately I've been watching a lot of films which are either strange and/or artsy/obscure; Lair was a lot of the first and a tiny bit of the second while bordering on being a grade B horror flick. Regardless, I still enjoyed it. I'll also mention that I've been on a British Isles musical kick lately, soaking in a lot of Irish, Scottish and British musical traditions and I can't get THIS ONE out of my head (from the soundtrack of Lair of The White Worm).

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McPolack said...

That is one awesome, awesome song. Thank you for sharing it!