Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Computer Is Soon To Become A Satellite!!!


Yeah, so... computer issues, likely to result in less frequent blog posts for the time being. Currently experimenting with Ubuntu Linux as an OS alternative because I am absolutely sick of windows and it's horrid security holes which allow virii in despite some of the supposedly "best" antivirus programs. That coupled with the insane amount of Christmas shopping and whatnot, I am completely frazzled. Maybe things will come back down to status quo after the holidays.

Speaking of holiday shopping, has anyone else noticed a definite drop in the amount of quality gift items out there? I went shopping after meeting the other day and all the stores which usually carry wonderful gift items are now selling some of the worst kitschy crap I've ever seen. Who the heck needs to buy a faux brass plastic-framed glass top coffee table with random soul-less Thomas Kinkade paintings screen-printed on the surface; or how about wolf-themed statuary with American Flags painted all over it??? Oh, and let's not forget generic exploitative Native-American themed knick-knacks which usually feature some barbie-dollesque "Indian" princess in a skimpy outfit. Either it's the economy or the businesses & consumers in my area have lost all sense of taste.

Wow, I'm a real peach today. It doesn't help that I was one the phone for two hours last night with a tech support rep for my DSL service; she was very polite but had such a heavy middle-eastern accent that I couldn't understand 90% of what she said (could you please repeat that??? could you please repeat that??? could you please repeat that???.... ad infinitum) and as it turns out, I knew more than she did about configuring my router. Sorry people, maybe I'll be in a better mood next time I post.


Peterson said...

Oh, obviously you don't have a Mac.

Thomas Kinkade is the spawn of Satan. Really.

nonsequitur said...

"Oh, obviously you don't have a Mac." ...wait, I've heard this before, it's usually accompanied by "and on the 8th day, God (aka Steve Jobs) created the Macintosh" as well as "thou shalt have not other computers before me!!! Get thee behind me PC!!!". I have friends who are Mac snobs, but I won't allow this blog to become a forum for bigoted Mac-supremacist hatefulness. lol :-P... and I am sure that Satan is probably proud of his little Tommy and still keeps his pictures taped on the refrigerator.

Peterson said...

Friend, I pray for thee that one day thos may come into the Mac Light, until then ctl-alt-del.

But on another topic, you have been You have been TAGGED!