Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh Deer

I am now trying my hand at video blogging. Here are a couple of short clips of some whitetail deer that I crept up on while out hiking today. I was impressed with myself, I actually managed to quietly approach within 30 feet of the group (in an open field) without spooking them, then I accidentally tripped over a clump of grass while I was trying to get closer and they got spooked. The second clip is of them running away. For those of you who wish to sneak up on deer, the key is to move in slowly and silently while they are grazing and freeze whenever one of them looks up. I've decided that I need to buy myself some flat-soled moccasin style woodland shoes if I want to get closer wildlife shots.

Classic sunsets in the fields and woodlands of New England.

Are you sick of my peculiar fascination with old barns yet? Well, studies have shown that old barns can look 236% more rustic under the light of an October moon!!!


McPolack said...

I just think that video of little white deer butts running away all in a row is fantastic. You have the most impressive wildlife run-ins I have seen in a long time! More videos, please.

: )

nonsequitur said...

As you wish madam. :)